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Head Turner Hopper by Rainy's // Realistic Grasshopper Fly


Rainy's Head Turner Hopper

Grasshoppers, we wait all year to hear that summer has produced an abundance of these big, plump bugs. This is one of our "premium" flies for days when a general attractor type hopper just won't attract the attention of the trouts. Maybe they got harassed all weekend and are grumpy, maybe the sun is 2 degrees off axis or maybe one of the planets is not quite aligned, but you're not catching trout and that's not gonna work.

Enter the Head Turner. We like this smoking hot fly for ultra finicky trout in those situations and for days when ordinary is unacceptable. This illustration is of the most classic of hopper dropper set-ups. There are variations, but this is one of the standby summer trout presentation methods. 

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