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Rainy's Everything Dry

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Staton's Everything Dry Available in Two Colors & Two Hook Sizes

This fly was designed from the hook up to imitate every major species and stage of dry fly.  It is a great searching and general attractor pattern.  It imitates everything from mayflies to midges to caddis; three of the major hatches on nearly every river.  But it not only can imitate the adult version of those dries, but their various stages as well.  It has a dark shuck for a tail and biot body abdomen imitating a mayfly emerger.  A poly spinner wing that accounts for a spinner or spent mayfly.  The top wing not only appears to be a caddis wing, but doubles as an emerger and/or cripple.  It is also tied with UV Ice dub for the thorax for optimal attraction.  Available in two colors: Tan (light) and Olive (dark).

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