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Devil Dog by Rainy's // Top Bass Fly


Satkowski's Devil Dog Bass Fly 2/0

The Devil Dog is a great attractor fly pattern.  Great for bass, trout, and even carp!  It is tied with a barbell that will ensure the fly swims with the hook point up to avoid most snags in the water.  The Body has a combination of hackle, metallic flash, and sili legs to give a lot of movement and attraction to this fly.  And if that was not enough, there is a separate shank tied out the rear with a silicone fly tail attached.  Not only will the fly tail pulsate in the water going back behind the fly, but with it being tied on a shank it can rotate 180 degrees in any direction giving the fly tail even more action.  Changing direction on this fly can make it seem more alive than having a simple fly tail alone.  It comes in 4 colors: black, white, orange, and chartreuse.  The white and chartreuse are great general attractors while the orange is a great crayfish imitation and the black is a good imitation of a leech.

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