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Parachute X-Fly Purple by Rainy's // Exclusive Red's Pattern



Parachute X-Fly Purple with Extended Body

Sometimes it can be hard to find "the perfect" fly. You know the one that floats good, looks good, and actually gets BIT. Well, we went outside the norm and had a fly custom tied for us because it just seems to out perform so many other parachute style dry flies. This extended body sits up on the surface film and looks like a bug perched up right on top of the surface tension! It's a killer.

This Parachute X is an effective fly and is the #1 fly most of our guides use in any searching situation with small dry flies. We use it for BWO's, PMD's, Caddis, March Browns, Drakes, you name it!  We even use the #12 to blindly search during the terrestrial season. It's a wonderful go-to fly that can cover a broad array of demands.  

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