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RIO's Meat Sweats Streamer // Jighead Sculpin


RIO Meat Sweats Streamer

That rush of heat and perspiration that comes after a large meal of protein.  We don't know if fish perspire, but we do   know that they enjoy RIO's Meat Sweats. This jigged sculpin has a unique belly filled with lead to keep the   hook up and the fly down deep.  Whether   your throwing for trout, bass or redfish, we know your quarry will make room   for another bite.

How to Fish the Meat Sweats Streamer

This is a unique fly in that it has a short shank hook, jigged hook eye, and the belly weight keeps the hook turned upright.  We love this pattern for "dead sticking" and swimming this streamer slowly along the bottom between boulders meeting a big trout in a head on collision!  The hook stays upright, doesn't get snagged, and you'll hook up more fish with this short shank hook than an articulated fly doing this.

The best way we've found is using a stout Euro nymphing rod like a #4, pitching this fly upstream and drifting it with a solid "lead" pulling slight tension downstream and up. The fly swims downstream and the trout take it head on, you'll swear you are snagged on the bottom! 

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