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Echo Indicator Rod Series


Echo Indicator Rods 

Echo Indicator Fly Rods are designed to make casting and mending larger double fly indicator rigs much easier than conventional trout fly rods. Echo Indicator Rods start at 9.5ft and offer three models to cover the needs of the trout and steelhead anger.

Maximum Line Control

A drift is only as good as your control over it. With its 9’6″ – 10’6″ length and responsive action, the ECHO Indicator is designed for maximum line control to set up those long, drag-free drifts.

Action and power for casting heavy nymph rigs

There’s a lot more to cast with nymph rigs vs conventional dry and wet fly fishing. The Indicator rod is designed to load in to its powerful lower sections to give added power when needed. Whether roll-casting or casting overhead, there is ample power and recovery to get those heavy rigs to their target.

Essential Sizes and Lengths

There are three sizes including a 9’6″ 6wt, 10′ 6wt and 10′ 7wt. The rods feature semi gloss brown finish. Every rod is 4 piece and comes with a hard case and rod sock.