Dr. Slick Squall Pliers With Cutters // Affordable Saltwater Pliers

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Dr. Slick Squall Pliers With CuttersSquallDesigned with HR 70+ anvil tungsten carbide side cutters, these T.C. cutters make short work of any monofilament and excel at cutting the new-age braid and synthetic lines. Can cut wire up to 60lbs. Jaws are made from heat treated SUS420 J2 coated stainless steel with a HR of 52. Frame is made from 6061-T6 anodized aluminum to withstand salt water, and is equipped with non-slip rubber grips and a self-opening spring. The most versatile plier in our arsenal.FEATURESHalf Smooth, Half Striated Jaw StructureAnvil Tungsten Carbide Side CuttersAnodozed AluminumNon-slip Rubber Grips7.5 InchesFull-Swivel Coiled Lanyard, Clip-On Molded Holster, Replacement Cutters with Jaws and Hex Key Included