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CorQs Tactical Fly Fishing Strike Indicator




A stealthy suspension device that can mimic emerging insects and detect strikes

CorQs Tactical Strike Indicators are handcrafted in the USA and specifically designed for tactical nymphing; it’s not just another “bobber”, but a stealthy suspension device that can help anglers target fish within a specific part of the water column by setting the upper and lower limits of the drift.

Tactical Strike Indicators give the angler another method of presenting nymphs by mimicking emerging insects when mending the line and/or moving the rod with a lift and drop motion.

Furthermore, CorQs TSI eliminates the need of a “European Leader System” for tactical nymphing by acting as a HiVis Sighter, as well as a strike indicator and suspension device. CorQs TSI (Tactical Strike Indicators) are available in multiple color/size configurations to match up with fishing conditions.

Fish tactically with CorQs TSI (Tactical Strike Indicators) and see more strikes!


  • Handcrafted in USA
  • EcoFriendly Components
  • Aero/Hydro-Dynamic
  • Design Fixed or Floating Modes
  • Neutrally Buoyant Stoppers
  • Multiple Sizes and Colors


  • HiVis Sighter
  • Strike Indicator
  • Gives Action to Fly
  • Controls Depth Range
  • Knotless/Kinkless Leaders
  • Environmentally Safe


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