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ECHO Shadow X Euro Nymph Rod // Spare or Replacement Tip


ECHO Shadow X Spare Tips

You wouldn't take a road trip without a spare tire, don't go fishing without a spare tip!  Whether it's a spare tip for that big adventure, or a replacement for an already broken tip we've got your back.  ECHO Euro Nymphing rods are sensitive and touchy but they are also delicate and easy to break if you aren't careful.  Many anglers elect to purchase a spare tip in advance, just in case!  

Now there is no need to wait for a warranty and repair thanks to your good pals at Red's Fly Shop. We stock spare tips for these rods so that we can get you back on the water in a hurry.  For the cost of warranty and small service fee you can simply purchase a new tip for your ECHO Euro nymphing rod.