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Beulah Platinum G2 Trout Spey Rods



Beulah G2 Platinum Trout Spey Rods

Fishing for trout with an ultralight, two- handed fly rod is definitely a specialized niche, but for covering water, prospecting for fish, and electrifying big grabs, a Trout Spey can’t be beat.

Beulah has been making dedicated trout spey rods, starting with the Classic 4/5 in 2005. We have been continually refining our tapers and materials to create the easy casting and efficient rods that Beulah has always been known for. The Platinum G2 Trout Spey rod series incorporating Graphene* technology are the lightest and most durable rods yet.

Last season, we were fishing prototypes for the Trout Spey series on steelhead streams and we are in love! These might be the most versatile two handed rods in the Beulah line up.

Your Platinum G2 Trout Spey Rod

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