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RIO's Baby Bonefish Fly


RIO's Baby Bonefish Fly // A Great Baitfish Pattern

This pattern began as a "gamechanger style" of fly tied on a 6/0 hook for a trip to Christmas Island. It had been tied with the understanding that "if there's bonefish there then GT's must feed on them too". The first day it was tied on the guides took turns scrutinizing it and laughing, after all, it was almost 8 inches long. Throughout the day the guide was caught multiple times (while he was supposed to be following with the 12 wt at the ready) having unhooked the Baby Bonefish and was dragging it through the water mesmerized by the movement. This first baby bonefish fly landed bluefin trevally, barred jack, and even a frigate bird until it was lost before any attempt at a GT. It has been a great addition for those that want a really large, meaty fly for saltwater use. It also withstands trolling well and can be easily colored if needed on the water to mimic other species.