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Air Lock Adjustable Strike Indicators

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Air Lock Adjustable Strike Indicators

These are now the favored indicators by our guide staff. It is easily adjustable, drifts well, mends well, and has become very popular. There is also a way to thread it on the line to help make a "90 degree" angle to the drop line.  Get a variety of sizes!

Sizes: (3 indicators per package)

  • Small 1/2" - Great for little nymphs, #8/10 on down to as small as you can see to tie the fly on :)
  • Medium 3/4" - Perfect for big Stonefly nymphs with a dropper or anything you are using BB size split shot.
  • Large 1" - The big boy. Large Trout sized.
  • X Large 1 1/4" - The BIGGER boy. Steelhead and up!

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