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Beginner's Fly Fishing Classes

"Only 2 Hours East of Seattle, Washington on the World Famous Yakima River"

The "Core" of our University

We believe learning to fly fish should be fun, simple, and affordable. Our instructors take a light hearted but genuinely invested approach to teaching our Fly Fishing 101, 201, and 301 courses. These are the "Core" of our University and we consider them the building blocks of a successful angler. Classes are held at our resort on the world famous Yakima River.

Beginning anglers are the lifeblood of our business and this motivates our team to take great care and pride in making sure your introduction to fly fishing is the best it can possibly be. While students are welcome to visit for a single day or weekend, these Core Courses are only the first step in becoming a successful angler.  

We encourage you to explore enrollment options in the Red's University of Fly Fishing where continuting education is the theme. Varying seasons, experiences, and disciplines will help you become a knowledable and skillful angler capable of traveling to new ecosystems throughout the west.

101 and 201 Course Descriptions

The core classes are taught here at Red's Fly Shop along the banks of the Yakima River. These are land based courses so students don't need any gear to participate, we've got ya covered with rods and reels. It's a comfortable environment with espresso and breakfast available upon check-in. Students will enjoy a break between sections with just enough time for lunch and a drink before starting the 201 lesson in the afternoon.

Fly Fishing 101:

  • Understanding Fly Rods, Reels, and Line
  • Intro to Fly Casting - Traditional Overhead Casting, Roll Casting, and Bow and Arrow Cast
  • River vs. Lake Strategies
  • Reading Trout Water
  • Essential Tackle
  • How to Tie on Your Fly

Fly Fishing 201:

  • Intermediate level casting including shooting line, single haul, steeple cast, kackhand cast.
  • Entomology and Fly Selection
  • Setting Up Nymph Rigs - Strike Indicators & Hopper Droppers
  • Triple Surgeon's Knot

"I never realized how much there was to know. No wonder I wasn't catching anything! I caught my first trout shortly after taking the 301 course."  

- Earl B, Kirkland, WA

Fly Fishing 301 Course

So you have learned the basics of Fly Fishing in our 101/201 courses and now you are ready to apply those on the water? This class is for you! This class requires you to have your own fly fishing setup and waders as we will be on or in the river the majority of the course.

In this class, we take the basic casting and knot tying skills of fly fishing riverside and apply them on the beautiful Yakima River. Our beginning anglers will learn the foundation of a drag free drift with the use of line management as well as how to effectively present a dry fly, nymph rig, and streamer setup.

Fly Fishing 301:

  • Finding Fish
  • Mending line and presenting flies to trout
  • How to hook and fight fish
  • Handling trout
  • Angler etiquette
  • Safe Wading Technique

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Once a reservation is made we are fully committed to you and have lost the opporuntity to offer the space to other anglers. Cancellations for Fishalong Adventures less than 14 days from the outing will forfeit the course fee or the University Credit used to register. Cancellations more than 14 days from the outing will forfeit 5% of the course fee, University enrolled students can re-book into a later date. Red's Fly Shop has the sole authority to cancel adventures based on conditions.

Cancellations for Casting Classes less than 48 hours from the class will forfeit the course fee or the University Credit used to register. Cancellations more than 48 hours from the Casting Class will forfeit 5% of the course fee, University enrolled students can re-book into a later date.

Tuition payments and course credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.