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September Bug of the Month // Hie-Tie October Caddis

Posted by Joe Rotter on
September Bug of the Month // Hie-Tie October Caddis

It starts today. Every month we are going to feature a fly that we use, love, and hooks fish for us and our clients. This is our #1 October Caddis dry fly pattern and we had it tied exclusively for Red's. The video discusses some of the things we like about it, and how to properly fish it.

Suggested Floatant and Leaders:

About the October Caddis Hatch

October Caddis Adult

This hatch is evening oriented and these bugs are BIG. We like to use #8 and #6 patterns on the Yakima River which are typical size for these bugs. They are crazy erratic flyers and look like big orange moths. It's the last "big bug" hatch of the year and provides a bit of excitement as summer comes to an end!

As explained in the video, trout love to chase and tackle these whopper bugs as the females return to the water and lay their eggs. Movement on the fly is very helpful, so don't be afraid to twitch, skate, and move the fly.



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