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Korker's Devil's Canyon // New Pair, Same Boots

Posted by Joe Rotter on
Korker's Devil's Canyon // New Pair, Same Boots

Often I swap my gear around testing this, tinkering with that. I don't sit still very often and I'm always out there trying the latest greatest. My boots this time were an exception. I got my first set of the Korker's Devil's Canyon (3) years ago upon recommendation from my business partner Steve Joyce. He doesn't get too excited about new gear so when he said, "I LOVE THESE BOOTS", absolutely best boot I've ever had.  I listened. I got some because they were incredibly light weight and the BOA lacing system doesn't come untied or get loose half way through a fishing day. It locks and stays put unlock my attempts at tying double bow knots in my boot laces.

The sole exchange looks gimmicky from an outsider, but its legit. It works and it's incredibly practical.  I didn't think I would but I switch my soles out regularly and outside the (2) included sets which are felt and rubber, customers can get some extremely aggressive cleat systems.

korkers devils canyon wading bootkorkers devils canyon wading boot

Overall I couldn't be happier with these boots. They are very light, reliable, and I like being able to change out the sole type based on where I am fishing. Consider purchasing a "spare" set of felt soles right off the bat. You'll want a fresh sole every year and it might be wise to have an extra set in the event you misplace or lose a sole.  I personally haven't had issues with the Devil's Canyon and soles coming loose in the mud, but I've heard that complaint with other models.  


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