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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+




  • March 23-30, 2024 // Hosted by Mike Agee
  • March 22nd - 29th, 2025 Hosted by Steve Joyce

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Fly fishermen around the globe form their bucket lists, and several destinations are likely to appear on most of them. We’ve all seen the photographs of the white sand flats surrounded by turquoise sea of Christmas Island, or the lush grass hillsides towering above the crystal clear trout rivers of New Zealand. Those are a couple of places that may top the bucket list, as much for the beauty of the landscape as for the fishing. Tierra Del Fuego (TDF) is another spot that registers on this list, but not so much for the surrounding beauty, as the unique fish that we target there. Our targeted species in TDF is the Brown trout. These are not just regular brown trout, though. They are anadromous fish, meaning they migrate to the ocean as juveniles, where they live for 2-4 years before returning to the river to spawn as adults. There are only a few places in the world that have brown trout populations that behave this way, and Rio Grande in TDF is by far the most prolific, both in terms of numbers and size of fish. This is a hard thing for some to comprehend, because there are so few places in the entire world that it occurs. To simplify your thought process, think of Steelhead, which are Rainbow trout that exhibit this exact same behavior.

Top Destination for Sea Run Brown Trout

Top Destination for Sea Run Brown Trout

For our hosted TDF adventures, we have zeroed in on the Despedida program, which takes just 6 anglers and enables access to the middle section of the river.

The Estancia Despedida fishing program combines quality and convenience with excellent guides, phenomenal food, and some of the most productive pools on Rio Grande within a quick 10 minute drive to the riverbank!

Cost & Trip Details

Cost & Trip Details

$7,900 per angler - 7 Nights/6 Days

Trip Includes:

  • 6 Days Guided fishing 2:1
  • Lodging and meals at Despedida
  • Transfers to from Rio Grande (if possible)
  • Wine & Beer at lodge

Trip Does Not Include:

  • Airfare and ground transfers to from Ushuaia (if Rio Grande not possible) to lodge
  • Hotel, transfer, and meal in Buenos Aires
  • Flies, tackle, and fishing license
  • Gratuities

"Totally exceeded expectations. Super fishing, wine, fine food, and a well organized program. Thank you to red's and our host Mike that made this the trip of a lifetime!"

- William O. - Boise, ID

Spey or Single Hand?

Rio Grande flows at a higher volume in the early season (Jan, Feb), then tapers towards the end of the season. By the time we come in late March, flows and wading have become very approachable and wade-friendly. While many anglers will fish longer spey rods in the early season, the late season lends itself to shorter spey/ switch rods (our “go to” has been an 11’0 6 wt). In low clear conditions, guides even recommend fishing an 8 wt single hander to get a more delicate presentation.

You'll swing a variety of streamers (an unweighted Hoh bo spey on a floating line in the low light conditions is always an exciting way to catch fish) and actually NYMPHS. That's right, classic tight line fishing with sink tips and beadhead nymphs. Despite some of these fish being absolute tanks, they still chase and pick up fairly small flies. Red's and your host will make sure you are well prepared for your Trip of a Lifetime!

The Red's Hosted Experience

The Red's Hosted Experience

A Red's team member will travel with you and help make your experience the most efficient, rewarding, and best adventure we can. We're there to aid the lodge in coordinating ground transfers, assigning guides, meeting angler expectations, and helping problem solve should any challenges arise. Your host will mentor as necessary, work with the lodge's head guide to coordinate guide pairings, and make group wide decisions that best serve all Red's customers.  

There is most often internet access, and we have an emergency contact number that you could be reached at if need be. Cell phones do not work down there. Just as well. If you absolutely need to stay in reach, bring a satellite messenger or phone.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of the reservation. Final payments are due 90 days prior to the departure date. For all trips scheduled less than 90 days out, full payment is required upon reservation. Cancellations will forfeit all payments unless the adventure is booked to full capacity. At this time customers will receive a refund minus a $100 administrative fee. Anglers may reschedule an upcoming adventure more than 90 days prior to departure, but will be assessed a $100 administrative fee for the itinerary change.

Red's Fly Shop and the destination outfitter are not responsible for loss of fishing days due to missed flights, sickness, injury, weather delays, or any other reason. Red's Fly Shop also reserves the right to make alterations to the itinerary as deemed necessary or desirable, even if additional costs are passed onto members of the party. Additionally, any expenditures caused by delays, or occurrences beyond the control of Red's Fly Shop are the responsibility of the guest. Lost baggage, gear, rods, or other personal items are also not the responsibility of Red's Fly Shop or the destination outfitter. Initial payment is acknowledgment that the guest has read and understands these policies.

COVID 19 POLICY: In the event that tourism travel to your destination is legally and formally prohibited due to Covid, or requires an extended quarantine, customers may move their payments in full to another adventure with no penalty. If a refund is requested Red's will retain a $100 administrative fee.