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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+
FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+


JUNE 22-23, 2024
Father's Day Scavenger Hunt

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt

Teams of up to (2) adults + up to (3) kids 17 and under will attempt to capture as many unique catches off the species list as possible. Fish with a buddy or your family, this is a fun challenge. Don't be intimidated by the list, just go for the easy ones first.

Use your phone to video document each catch, post on your Instagram Account and tag @redsflyshop. As teams submit catches online, our judges will share your video to our IG Story and score the event as we go.

This is a fun way to see a live leaderboard throughout the day! It's all about having fun, being inspired, and just do your best.

  • $50 per team (max 2 adults/3 kids per team).

Kick off starts on Saturday morning when you can pick up your swag bag and learn the rule(s) for the FDSH event.

Family Fun Father's Day Event

Clean family fun. Spend Father's Day chasing fish around the great state of Washington! This is an "all for fun" event that just happens to have some amazing sponsors that have donated a really incredible prize package. Fish super hard... or go easy. Who cares. By the end of this event you'll have increased your fishing knowledge exponentially and have a really good shot at taking home a new fly rod or other valuable tackle.

The closing event on Father's Day is a really fun way to spend time around other anglers that pursued the same exact list of species you did all weekend. It's a friendly, fun, and welcoming environment.


Event Details

Event Details

  • 10% OFF In Store Purchases on Saturday Morning
  • Door Prizes

Saturday, June 22nd // 11 am - 10 pm

Sunday, June 23rd // 5 am - 2 pm

Divide and conquer. Teams can fish anywhere legally allowed by tourney rules (most waters). Back at Red's by 2:30 pm. DQ'd if not back by 2:30!

Sunday Awards Ceremony // 2:30 pm - 5 pm

We'll meet back up at Red's/Canyon River Ranch and everyone will be expected to spill their guts over a cold beer or soda about where and how they caught their fish! This is going to be a lot of fun.

"We had an absolute BLAST hosting this event! 2024 will be even better with some creative changes to the species list, prize package, and closing ceremony."

- Joe Rotter, Red's Fly Shop

Prizes and Sponsors

Prizes and Sponsors

2024 TBA

Each team will receive a "swag bag" with contributions from Red's, local sponsors, and national sponsors.


  • 1st Place Team- (2) Sage Fly Rods (model TBA)


Most average team... wins a guided trip with Joe Rotter of Red's!


  • YOUTH - Most species by an angler under 15 years of age. Redington Trailblazer 3 Weight Rod
  • BIGGEST RIVER RAINBOW - Lamson Velocity 9' 6 Weight Rod
  • BIGGEST BASS - Redington Wrangler Bass Rod/Reel Kit
  • BIGGEST SCULPIN - (12) Sculpin Streamer Assortment from Rainy's Flies
  • BIGGEST CRAWFISH - (12) Joe's Mini Craw Flies
  • TRASHIEST TEAM - Most significant piece of trash or litter removed from the water. - (1) Pair Costa Sunglasses
  • UNICORN HUNT - Prize catch of the day, as deemed by the judges. OPST Micro Skagit 3 Weight Streamer Rod
  • BEST CREATOR - Most creative "non catch" contributions. - Grunden's Sportswear Kit


LOTS of other misc. door prize items!

More Details

More Details

The tournament is all fly fishing on PUBLIC water in Washington State excluding National Recreation Areas, National Parks, and anglers must adhere to all mandated fishing regulations. Prior to the tournament entrants will get a detailed briefing on any excluded waters. No scents, baits, or otherwise. Judging will be done by Red's, ethical fish handling and good video quality is essential to be eligible for awards. If the fish isn't handled well... no points. A branded Measure Net is required for all "big fish" entries.

We will cover details and questions on Saturday, June 17th at the Rendezvous event. You can pick up your swag bag here in person on Saturday.

Cancellations after June 1st will forfeit 100% of the entry fee. Prior to June 1st entrants can receive a refund of 50% refund.



The only person counting your fish is you. Just have fun. Don't worry about how many species you catch. Go out with a single goal of catching a few of the fish that you are curious about. Maybe it's bass, crappie, bluegill, or a shad from the Columbia River. This event is a great excuse for some windshield and water time with friends or family.


In the past we've seen boats act as both a burden and a bonus. They are certainly an advantage on the lakes, but they also take time to launch and leave you less mobile. Don't feel like you have to have a boat. It's a great topic of discussion at Sunday's Happy Hour! Do this each year and learn as you go.

Father's Day Fly Fishing Scavenger Hunt