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FREE Fly Line on Rods $499+ // FREE Backing & Setup on Reels // FREE Ground Shipping Over $75
FREE Fly Line on Rods $499+ // FREE Backing & Setup on Reels // FREE Ground Shipping Over $75

Father's Day 25 OTF // Event Management Page


We use this page to provide all relevant updates for the big event!

Update 6/13/22 - Swag bags will ship to those that requested shipping on 6/14, others can pick them up in person on Friday 6/17. Make sure to see the Zoom link below for the Friday night Q and A. The tournament smart phone App Cinebody will be all setup later this week, with all the species, and side bets, look for another email with more instructions.

Quick Rule Updates:

Bluegill - Must have a "BLUE Gill". Other species of panfish without a visible blue gill will not count.

Private Water/Access - We are eliminating rules around private water with the exception that "stocked fish" on private water don't count. i.e. Brown Trout and Tiger Trout in your neighbor's pond aren't eligible. A Crappie, Bass, Perch, or other wildly reproducing fish are ok. Use your best judgement and have fun.

Biggest Fish Competitions - These will be judged on a "qualitative" basis. We don't want anyone overhandling the fish trying to measure them, weigh them, etc. Judges will award top sizes based on how the video clip is presented. The judges are long time pro guides, they understand generous camera angles, etc. Part of this is how well you can show off a big beautiful fish and how ethically it's handled. Sort of a size and photo contest hybrid model.

Trashiest Team - (1) pair of Bajio Sunglasses awarded to the person that removes the most significant piece of trash.

Resources and Rules:

Friday - June 17th:

Saturday - June 18th:

  • Fishing 9 am - 9 pm

Sunday - June 19th:

  • Fishing 6 am - 1 pm
  • Awards and After Party 2 pm - 5 pm (beers and brats on the house!)
  • Participants MUST be present by 3 pm to be eligible for prize packages.

Not Coming by on Friday Evening?

You will need to let by no later than June 14th if you need your tournament package shipped. Be sure to confirm your shipping address for FedEx delivery.