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A fisherman's dream come true. These fish are strong, often aggressive, and jump like no other species on earth! Plus they often live in the Mangroves and are so fun to fish. Depending on where you go and when you are there, anglers might target Tarpon anywhere from 10 - 200 pounds. Our team has fished Tarpon in a variety of places and here are the flies that we use and sell. There is really no correlation to the size of the fly and the size of the fish with Tarpon. Big fish are happy to take small flies and vice versa. The main thing is the hook which is why we sell only top quality flies. There is too much at stake to throw cheap flies with cheap hooks. The mouth of a Tarpon is tough and you'll need to muscle up in order to bury that hook. You'll also need shock tippet and some good tarpon leaders as well. Most Tarpon flies are unweighted, but it is a good idea to have a few big weighted Clousers or Shrimp capable of handling a decent sized Tarpon. Many times in Ascension Bay you'll bump into Tarpon that are running several feet deep and it isn't practical to change lines. Change the fly, get it down, hook 'em up!