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Hatch Fly Reels & Hatch Outdoors GearAlthough best known for their bulletproof saltwater attributes, anglers from all disciplines have come to appreciate what a GOOD fly reel will do for their enjoyment and long term finances. These reels last. They don't fail, they don't break, and part of it is because they are built by craftsman right here in the USA. We stock all sizes of the timeless Hatch Finatic from 1 Plus to to 12 Plus. We have used these reels all over the world on single hand rods, switch rods, and spey rods. We've caught Giant Trevally, Tarpon, Permit, Brook Trout, and everything in between. These reels are all built with pride and precision.The sizing is fairly simple. The number, ie. 5 Plus indicates that it is designed for a 5-7 weight. We have used a 7 Plus Mid Arbor for everything up to a 10 weight. The reels are interchangeable with mid or large arbor spools.