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Technical Trout Talk with Joe Rotter // Destination Angler Podcast

Posted by Joe Rotter on
Technical Trout Talk with Joe Rotter // Destination Angler Podcast

I recently got the opportunity to hook up with Steve Haigh from the Destination Angler Podcast. He asks great questions and puts together a really nice podcast that I was fortunate enough to be a part of.

We really get into the nitty gritty of technical fishing and dry fly fishing here on my home water, the Yakima.  Be sure to bop over to his Podcast website and follow along. Steve does a nice job of finding good hosts with quality relevant information.

Destination Angler Podcast

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  • Ken Cross on

    Dompke Lake is beautiful. Unfortunately thr Railroad Creek trail from Holden is permanently closed (bridge out) and camping outlawed after the fire. I don’t know if it ever reopened.

  • Mike Watt on

    Great information and an Epic story about the cliff jumper. Well done, enjoyable, and with lots of great information on fishing the Yakima and Western rivers in general.

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