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FREE Fly Line on Rods $499+ // FREE Backing & Setup on Reels // FREE Ground Shipping Over $75
FREE Fly Line on Rods $499+ // FREE Backing & Setup on Reels // FREE Ground Shipping Over $75
Discover Trout Spey Success

Discover Trout Spey Success

In our last blog article, we covered "How to Setup a Trout Spey Outfit". There are some great nuggets here and it should help you better understand the system and how to build it. When in doubt, contact Red's. Our team is kind, friendly, and you won't get any sales pressure. Let us help.

The video above is a "Step by Step" series on becoming proficient at using spey rods for swinging flies for trout. This is a great start.

The next resource we want to include here is this Podcast on "Trout Spey Mistakes". You can listen on the Podbean App, or find it here on Apple Podcasts. The MEND Podcast with Joe Rotter on Apple Podcasts.

Trout Spey Mistakes


Common Mistakes Made by Newbie Trout Spey Fisherman

  1. Not understanding Skagit Style Casting
  2. Blowing Your "Anchor" (hurrying)
  3. No appreciation for how critical the "Anchor" is.
  4. Did I mention the "Anchor" haha!?
  5. Using a Fast Sinking Tip to Learn (start with a slow sinking tip)
  6. Snagging the bottom too much
  7. Casting too fast, not understanding the progressive parts of a Skagit Cast.
  8. Swinging in too slow of current
  9. Not being "Clean and Quiet"
  10. Too much energy. In the Podcast above I mention "use the minimum necessary dose" of energy. Learn to make your cast work with the minimum and you'll actually get results as you throttle up.


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