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Yakima River Map - Waterproof Floater's Maps

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Yakima River Floater's Maps. These maps are fantastic, in fact, they are far more than just a map! They have advice, float distances, photos of the access points, and are the best floater's maps we have ever seen for any river. One of our owners, Steve Joyce, put these together with the help of a local mapping company and the finished product is OUTSTANDING.These maps cover the entire Blue Ribbon section of the Yakima River, in fact, they go from Ensign Ranch near Easton, WA all the way down to Harlin's Landing near Yakima, WA. We broke the river into three sections and they all include two pages.The Upper Yakima River, The Farmlands Section of the Yakima River and the Lower Yakima River Canyon.  These Maps are made of a durable waterproof material.  The material is an "all weather" waterproof material with a grommet in the upper corner so that you can attach them to each other, or to your kit bag. Easy access to reference while floating!

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