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Holo Prince Nymph // Tungsten Bead by Umpqua


Umpqua's Holographic Tungsten Beadhead Purple Prince Nymph

This is one of the best attractor trout nymphs in the shop. It gets the attention of big trout with its purple color, they don't confuse it with any organic debris like sticks, twigs, leaves, or other matter in the water.... when they see this, the trout know this nymph is food!

We use this great trout nymph all year long. The purple holographic color gets their attention and that rich color sells it as an insect. The natural bend in the hook combined with a great hackle puts this fly into a league of its own.The tungsten bead works very well as a dropper nymph, but just make sure to get a dry fly that is quite buoyant so that it doesn't sink... until a fish bites this nymph, which it surely will!

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