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Chubby Chernobyl - Pteronarcys by Umpqua

$1.99 $2.99

Chubby Chernobyl - Pteronarcys

The Chubby Chernobyl is the most known large dry fly world wide! Olive for hoppers, Orange, Gold or Tan for Golden Stones, Olive or Purple for Skwalas... the list goes on and on. This particular shade of Chernobyl derives it's name form  the scientific name for salmon flies.

This fly in conjunction with our Bullet Head Salmon Fly has you covered across the whole size spectrum for Salmon flies. They have great "floatabilty" (That is a word in the "Trout Fishing Dictionary") making them perfect for hanging a dropper underneath. The dubbed body and wing on top are perfect for soaking in floatant. The legs splay out perfectly to give that buggy look we all shoot for when tying up! We fish this fly in all variety of colors almost year round and have yet to find a better dry fly!

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