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Ultimate Caddis Fly Assortment // Dry Flies and Nymphs

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Ultimate Caddis Fly Assortment and Fly Box


The assortment of pupae, emergers, and dry flies will keep you in the game during all stages of the hatch. Caddis Pupae/Nymphs This assortment includes a variety of Tungsten beadhead and regular beadhead nymphs. The Tungsten patterns fish extremely well under a large dry fly or a small indicator by themselves. The non Tungsten patterns fish very well with a bit of weight behind a stonefly nymph or with a piece of split shot.  They will fish well as a dry dropper if the currents are soft and on light tippet. However, Tungsten is typically the preferred bead for dry dropper combos. Caddis Dry Flies and Emergers.

This assortment includes patterns that will fish very low in the surface film, like our CDC Emergers which are deadly on trout especially early in the hatch. Follow that up with an Olive Caddis Cutter which has a trailing shuck to convince the trout that this particular pattern is stuck on the surface attempting to shed its skin. Don't be afraid to keep these flies within 8-12" of each other. The Parachute Caddis is a fantastic pattern for fishing on the move and quickly prospecting. It seems to have the best balance of visibility and fishiness! Late in the hatch, or after a rainstorm use the low riding parachute Caddis.

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