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Tuna on the Fly

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Tuna on the Fly

The ultimate guidebook to catching bluefin, yellowfin, and blackfin tuna, in all the hottest fishing spots.

Perhaps the last great frontier of fly fishing is the catching of big, strong, fast offshore tuna species on a fly rod. These fish were the targets of such trophy fishermen as Zane Gray and were thought to be just too large to be handled on fly-fishing gear. That changed during the 1990s as anglers began to develop ways of targeting these fish when they were of a size that could be handled on fly tackle and these efforts were helped along with the development of a new generation of heavy-duty fly gear.

Now, Tom Gilmore takes the reader into this exciting, new world. Gilmore explains the habits and behavior of the different species of tuna and identifies the areas where these fish can be found. He covers tackle, tactics, and important flies and knots to hold these blue-water beasts. 8 color pages, 40 black & white photographs, 10 maps, index.

Hardcover (This book has a slight bit of water damage, it does NOT impair the readability nor is it readily obvious or noticeable without close inspection.  For that reason we are selling this last version for cost.  Red's will not accept returns or refunds on this item because of the disclosed minor damage.)