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Thomas & Thomas Contact II // Complete Euro Nymph Setup w/ FREE Line at Checkout


Thomas & Thomas Contact II Euro Nymphing Rod // Spooled, Rigged, and Ready to Fish

Thomas and Thomas Contact II Rod and Galvan ESN Reel

This setup is arguably the finest combination of purpose built Euro nymphing tackle in the world. In our shop, it's the combination we go to when budget takes a backseat to performance and quality. The T and T Euro Rods are the most sensitive rods that we sell, plus they are reliable, light, and extremely well finished.  If you do your research, you'll find that the T & T Contact II rods are involved in every conversation pertaining to the best Euro rods on the market.

Our "Ready to Fish" Setups will ship to you with backing, fly line, and most often the leader installed. Just be sure to let us know if you reel with your right hand, otherwise we default to left hand retrieve.  Do this in the order comments.

Something Out of Stock? - No problem. If you want help finding a good substitution simply hit us on Live Chat or call (509) 933-2300 and a friendly pro will include an alternative product. 

Euro Nymphing Accessories and Line

We've included a few choices on sighter material, tippet rings, and tippet that is appropriate to be successful.  Our suggestions here represent the most common choices, but feel free to make adjustments on this page or in the shopping cart.

You can certainly add, remove, or modify the small accessories as you see fit.

Flies for Success

The best setup in the world can't catch fish without the right fly. Our "Ready to Fish" setups most often include a few of our favorite flies to be fished with these specialized outfits. Add them to your cart, or leave them behind. That part is up to you!

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