The Deadly Dozen - Custom Fly Assortments - Trout, Saltwater, Steelhead, Tropical

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Pro Shop Service & Online Convenience

"You don't have to come inside our fly shop to get a great assortment of PRO SHOP quality flies tailored to your specific destination."

Just let us know when and where you are fishing and we'll put together a great assortment of flies that we would feel confident in ourselves guiding over. That's the test. If we wouldn't use them we wouldn't expect you to. With the vast and diverse knowledge of our staff we fee comfortable selecting flies for almost anywhere in the world, because we have contacts all over the world. If we don't have first hand knowledge of what to use, we'll do the research and find out for you.Choosing the right flies is hard. Especially if you don't know exactly what you are shopping for!

Our riverside fly shop is known for its expertise on flies. In fact that is how Red's got started. Selling flies off the porch of a single wide trailer. To this day we still value the quality advice that our staff can provide you. After all it is the fly that connects you to the fish.

Steps for Success:

1. Use the menu options to describe everything you can about each Deadly Dozen that you want to order.

2. In the order comments upon checkout, you can give us the exact names of your destinations and any preferences that you might have like, "I can't see very well so bushy dry flies are appreciated!" or, "We plan to do some streamer fishing" or, "I am low on small nymphs so be generous in that department"

3. Plan for multiple trips. If you know you are going to a lake, stream or big river then get a Dirty Dozen specifically for each destination. Come back, shop again, and let us help!