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TFO Tenkara Cuthroat Rod - 8'6" Rod - PERFECT FOR SMALL STREAMS

This Package Includes:

Protective Sock - This has a small 'backbone' in it. It gives the protection of a tube but lightweight for backpackers. Includes a Spare Tip and Second Section - How cool is that?!!!! 20' of fly line with a mono loop tied to each end ( you can cut this to your desired lengths. We like 6' of line for small streams, connected to a 7.5' leader. 3 Pack - RIO Tapered 7.5' 4X Leaders TFO Tenkara Cutthroat Fly Rod - Complete Kit!!!!

This is EVERYTHING that an angler needs to get started small stream fishing. Flies, leaders, and floatant - you get it all! Buy this package, get in the backcountry, and catch some trout! This rod is the lightest in the TFO Tenkara Rod Family. We sell this as a wonderful small stream rod for old anglers looking to experience something, or new anglers looking for a simple approach to small stream fly fishing. This rod works in a telescoping manner and is quick to set up, easy to fish, and a great way to either go back to your roots or get started.

Anglers starting with this setup will eventually evolve to traditional rod/reel setups but it is a great way to fish small water. Details and Specs: 20" Closed Length 8'6" Faster Action Kid and Beginner Friendly!!

Between fishing spots, the Tenkara system telescopes down and ties up compact, clean, and you can hike with it to the next hole. It takes about 20 seconds to break it down or set it back up. Beats dragging your full length rod through the brush!

What you need to know about Tenkara on small streams: One of our lead guides with many years of experience recently wrote a great article comparing/contrasting the Tenkara style fishing rods on smaller streams with traditional rod/reel setups. Many of these insights might be very useful.

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