Tandem Tube Steelhead Fly - Pre-Rigged

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Tandem Tube Steelhead Fly - Pre-RiggedThe Tandem Tube is pre-rigged with hook and line. Just make a loop to loop connection and changing colors is easy. This series of flies was tied on a short plastic tube with a rabbit strip extending well past the end of the tube. The hook was rigged on a loop that would swim free hoping the tension on the line would hold the hook near the end of the rabbit as the fly was fished under tension on the swing. This series of flies performed well but at times the angler would experience strikes without hooking fish. This was attributed to the fact the hook was dangling freely and may not always be in the correct position when a steelhead struck. By utilizing two tubes, one front, one rear, the dangling hook problem is eliminated, resulting in better hook-up percentages. The Tandem Tube series is designed to be fished on a tight line swing. The fly has a cone head that allows it to get down whether fished on a dry line or sink tip. It is recommended that you purchase a pre-rigged version of the fly along with none rigged version so you have a model to follow when rigging on your own.