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Split Wing Parachute March Brown

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Split Wing Parachute March Brown Dry Fly

Great Rainbow taken on a Split Wing March Brown, this fly makes a great March Brown imitation and other Mayfly hatches!How does one improve upon the Parachute March Brown? Easy! Just add some color for increased visibility, flotation, and fishiness and then add a wrap of flash along the abdomen to give it a eye-catching glimmer and the trout seem to single this one and pound it. It floats great, is easy to see, and hunts.

It is a HIGH QUALITY pattern that will hold up and is tied on a great hook that is super sharp and is a light wire so it hooks up well. This is not a discount fly, it is a pro-quality bug that you will find catches fish in a large array of conditions and hatches. We love to use this fly for March Browns, Blue Winged Olives, Drakes, and even a PMD. It works well for a variety of hatches.

Situations that require a "floating nymph" or a low profile pattern, simply trim the fluffy post down to create a pattern that sits lower in the water. Our guides often do this for picky trout with this pattern as seen in the above photo.

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