Solitude's Sep'tober Midnight Fire #6 // Steelhead Nymph

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Solitude's Sep'tober Midnight Fire Steelhead Nymph

Simple is good. This fly won't confuse the steelhead with a lot of 'stuff' hanging out everywhere. It is simple, effective, and they can see exactly what this fly is from quite a ways away. We do exceptionally well on this fly in very clear water. It is one of our favorite flies on 2 of our home rivers, the Methow and Wenatchee Rivers where the water is gin clear and the steelhead can be spooky. This fly seems to "get 'em"when nothing else will! It is also one of our guide's very favorite flies on the Grande Ronde River, he contends it will outfish any other fly there 2:1 - his words not mine! Either way, it must be effective because he buys a ton of them each time he heads that way.