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General Practitioner (GP Spey) by Solitude

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Solitude's General Practitioner - Steelhead Fly tied on a #1.5 hook.

The General Practitioner, or GP, is a classic steelhead fly that still hunts every bit as well as its more contemporary cousins. The GP is a prawn pattern fly for steelhead and salmon. It was originally tied in 1953 by British officer Colonel Esmond Drury when there was a ban placed on the use of real prawns for use in fishing for Atlantic Salmon. The fly was an instant success in the British Isles. It is just as popular in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia for steelhead. It is still one of the staples found in every hard core steelhead fisherman's fly boxes today.

This fly is a knock off the old school GP, or General Practitioner. Using a few jazzy new materials, legendary Spey caster and fisherman Charles St. Pierre improved an old favorite into a modern day work of art and it doesn't hurt that this fly attracts fish like a magnet! This fly fishes well in all situations, hence the name "General Practitioner", so use it anywhere and it spey casts like a dream. It is likely to wind up on the far bank so buy several.