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Dragg'n Fly Nymph by Solitude

$1.49 $3.49

Solitude's Dragg'n Fly Steelhead Nymph #4

Heavy, dark, with a cherry on top... what else could a steelhead want? This fly is a heavy hitter in all ways. It is heavy so you won't need any additional split shot and the high contrast look of this dark colored nymph with bright colored egg on top works very well on steelhead anywhere. It is a very effective fly. The rubber legs wander about in a tantalizing manner that drives the fish bonkers. Your biggest problem will be the dilemma when your fishing asks if he can have a few after you have caught your 10th steelhead of the morning. Ok, so maybe no fly is "that good" but this one is close.  Steelhead tend to favor dark flies and this one does the trick.

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