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Chewy Egg by Solitude

$1.49 $2.71

Solitude's Chewy Egg Steelhead Nymph / #6

Steelhead, Trout, Cutthroat, Cuttbows, Kings, Silvers, Dollies, and more! These are some of the species you can catch with this fly. It sinks great thanks to the dumbell eyes, and fortunately rides hook up so you don't snag up a lot. It fishes very well on rivers that have spawning salmon. We fish it primarily on the Klickitat, Methow, and Wenatchee Rivers and it is a great fly! The hook is SCARY! sharp and has quite a curve on it which maintains your hookup even when things get sloppy or the hook is ultra barbless. You won't loose many fish on this fly. The loose yarn surrounding the bright "egg yarn" results in the fly getting caught in the teeth of your quarry giving you some extra time to rear back and set the hook hard. We have caught big Kings, Steelhead, and Trout all in the same pool using this fly.

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