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Agent Onyx - Steelhead Nymph by Solitude

$2.49 $3.33

Agent Onyx Steelhead Nymph

Note the Agent Onyx Steelhead Nymph in the cork of the rod.... of course. This fly rocks for nymphing steelhead! This is a must have for any angler that likes to dead drift flies for Steelhead. We especially like this fly because of the heavy weight and the high contrast orange bead against the natural colored body. You have it all covered on this fly, bright and dark!

Red's Fly Shop is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and we have success on this fly on a variety of Steelhead rivers including the Methow, Wenatchee, Klickitat, Grande Ronde, Deschutes, John Day, Snake, and White Salmon. Friends of ours have used it with great success on the Umpqua, Rouge, Trinity, and other rivers in Oregon and California.

The fly was originally created by Todd Ostenson, a steelhead guide and shop owner from Medford, Oregon. He says, "This fly follows the natural tying evolution of my love for heavy stonefly patterns. The first heavy stones I tied were Montana Stones, then came more natural golden stones, and etc. Then came beads in the early nineties to my patterns, and the addition of rubber legs via the girdle bug. One small detail to my girdle bugs, during my years guiding the Deschutes, was the bright orange head."

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