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Spey casting is an act of angling often mastered through solitary frustration- no more! Well, at least the solitary part, we got your back on this one. Disk 1 establishes a strong foundation from which students will progress in their casting journey. Covering roll casting, the Snap-T and Double Spey Cast from both sides of the river, this tutorial will pull beginners from the sidelines directly into casting action. While Disk 1 is truly about the basics, intermediate and advanced casters will walk away with new perspective on the finer elements that enforce strong, consistent casting.Casting is half the equation, says Tom. People get so geeked out over the casting that they forget about the fishing. Disk 2 focuses on adaptation, building upon the fundamentals outlined in Disk 1 and propelling students to an entirely new level of Spey casting mastery. In addition to learning Perry Pokes and poke variations from both riverbanks, anglers will refine their ability to adjust to subtleties such as shifting fishing conditions and tackle requirements.

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