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Anyone that is going to be fishing Steelhead in the early mornings, with cold weather, and possible precipitation should consider the "two glove" system. Get a fingerless set for general use, but anytime your hands are going to be wet use this Skeena River Glove. You are so much more effective when your hands are dry and warm! It is fully waterproof from wrist to fingertips so you can reach in the water, tail a fish, and not worry about getting the material wet. These gloves feature a shark-skin textured palm for superior bite on slippery objects. They also feature a deluxe interior laminate material includes a moisture-wicking grid fleece. And gasket cuffs seal the wrist, blocking migrating water from trespassing up your sleeves. 


  • Fully waterproof with a sharkskin textured palm for excellent grip
  • Interior laminate material is moisture wicking grid fleece
  • Gasket cuff provides excellent seal around the wrist and prevents water from migrating up sleeves

FABRIC TECH:: Fully waterproof 2.5mm neoprene