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San Juan Beaded Power Worm

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San Juan Beaded Power Worm

The San Juan worm is a proven killer on trout everywhere and it might be the hot ticket next time you are on the water! Buy a variety of colors to fool big trout especially when the river gets muddy or conditions get tough. Trout love worms, that is no secret and if you have ever screened a river you know how many natural earth worms actually wind up living in the riverbed itself. Especially on rivers that have muddy cut-banks or occasional high water events that can potentially erode riverbanks drawing in these dirt lovers.

Make sure to stock up because you will want to fish these patterns right along the bottom.

Nymphs in rivers are successfully fished on a slack line drift using a strike indicator. This is because nearly all river nymphs either cling to rocks or crawl, very few actually swim. Wade fisherman will typically cast them upstream and let them drift downstream using mends to keep the line slack and the fly fishing "drag free" with no tension. Another method is using a dry dropper method. This is where you use your dry fly as the strike indicator and tie the nymph on underneath.

Some of the biggest trout live in water that has whirlpools and harsh seamlines. Learn how to high stick nymph by raising your rod up high and preventing drag from occurring when the line is sucked underwater. This is very effective, especially with rods longer than 9'.

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