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Sage X 590-4 // Complete 5 Weight Setup - Ready to Fish

$1,301.93 $1,491.93

Sage X 9' 5 Weight // Complete Rod, Reel, and Line Setup

Our "Ready to Fish" Setups will ship to you with FREE backing, fly line, and most often the leader installed. Just be sure to let us know if you reel with your right hand, otherwise we default to left hand retrieve.  Do this in the order comments.

Something Out of Stock? - No problem. If you want help finding a good substitution simply hit us on Live Chat or call (509) 933-2300 and a friendly pro will include an alternative product. 

Sage X 5 Weight Rod and Lamson Speedster Reel

A fine fly rod should be setup right. We love the Lamson Speedster 5+ Reel on the 590-4 X rod, this reel is another US built product that marries up perfectly with the US craftsmanship of the legendary Sage X rod. The large arbor retrieves line quickly which is essential in the ever changing conditions of western fly fishing.

Casts can be long, but they can be short. This rod and reel is capable of handling any situation you throw at them. The Scientific Angler's Amplitude Smooth Infinity Line is an excellent choice for the fast action of the Sage X. It loads easy for chip shots in close, but it will reach out and touch the far shore if duty calls.

We put this package together based on our first hand experience. The balance, performance, and price are a perfect blend of quality and performance.