Sage PULSE Single Hand Fly Rods

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Sage PULSE Fly Rods Nobody on earth would pass up an opportunity to fish this rod. Its an heirloom rod for $450 that is smooth, has enough spine to it for some weighted flies, and has a high caliber finish. Its a fast action rod that is more way more moderate than the Sage BOLT, Sage ONE, but a bit faster than the Sage ACCEL. We place this rod very close to the Sage ACCEL for value, but a bit less expensive. The ACCEL is a bit finer action, this rod is perfect for the caster that finds the ACCEL too moderate. The PULSE features Graphite IIIe technology. The graphite / glass scrim layered construction reduces weight and increases cross-sectional durability and performance which makes for a fly rods that are noted for their light weight, dependability, and smooth feel. This is all tech jargon for light, responsive, yet DURABLE. This doesn't mean you can abuse, it just means that you can trust it!FEATURES Graphite IIIe Technology Fast action Lichen blank color Olive thread wraps with Black trim wraps Fuji ceramic stripper guides Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top Freshwater 3-6 weights: Rosewood insert with Gloss Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat. Snub-nose, half-wells cork handle Saltwater 6-8 weights: Gloss Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat Full-wells cork handle with fighting butt Black nylon rod tube with divided liner Sage PULSE Reel Seat Rosewood insert and Gloss Black anodized aluminum reel seat - The Pulse's freshwater models feature a rosewood insert atop their anodized aluminum single-uplocking reel seat. Gloss Black anodized reel seat - Full wells models of the Sage Pulse combine their standard Super plus cork with a fully saltwater safe anodized aluminum reel seat. Naturally, it's a dual uplocking model to make sure you're reeling in fish, not fishing for your reel. The blank is a nice moss green lichen type color. It looks good but isn't obnoxious. Custom Packages Custom Rod, Reel, Line, and Leader packages set up Ready to Fish (RTF) for any fish that swims, set up the way you want, are available at great prices. Shoot us an email at or give us a call 509-933-2300 and let us know how you would like it set up.