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Sage PAYLOAD Big Nasty // Streamer and Bass Outfit

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Sage PAYLOAD Streamer and Bass Setup

The Sage PAYLOAD is an easy casting rod capable of catapulting large wet streamers across the pond or river.  We like these rods for Bass and large trout, and with Konetic Technology it's a straight casting rod design that helps the caster control left-right wobble upon delivery. The translation is deadly accuracy allowing you to put your fly between the sticks, boulders, or lily pads.

Sage PAYLOAD Big Nasty Setup Includes:

Sinking vs. Floating Lines

Nobody knows more about your fishery than you do, but here are some thoughts.  For Largemouth Bass we rarely use sinking lines. Floating lines and weighted jig style flies tend to navigate structure much better than sinking lines. Intermediate lines are excellent for lakes, and Smallmouth bass living at suspended depths beyond 4' deep.  Faster sinking rates are most commonly used for trout living in rivers.  

Sage PAYLOAD Rod Weight Guide

These rods play big and are quite capable.  Often we like #8 rods for much of our Largemouth Bass fishing, but this rod plays big.  If you are after standard trout, smallmouth bass, and light largemouth the 689-4 is perfect.  If you are fishing for trout in Alaska, large Brown Trout, Chile, Russia, and a mix of Smallmouth and Largemouth the 789-4 is fantastic.  The 889-4 is reserved for anglers targeting trophy Largemouth and small Pike.

Sage PALOAD 6 Weight 8'9" on the Bass Pond

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