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Sage MOTIVE Saltwater Fly Rods

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Complete Ready to Fish Sage MOTIVE 8 Weight Setups
Red's Fly Shop has used this rod all over the world chasing saltwater species both in shore and off shore. It's caught everything from small Bonefish in schools of the Yucatan to big Giant Trevally in the Pacific to MARLIN in Baja on our couple's trips.  We've tested this rod to it's extreme and we believe in it.  This rod is easy to cast, durable, powerful, and offers the angler a great option at a supreme value.

Sage MOTIVE Action and Feel

by Joe Rotter
The Sage MOTIVE has been our "go to" for years for any angler that wants a premium quality rod but can't quite go the extra mile budge wise.  Just today it was announced that Sage would no longer be making this rod, and I immediately thought of all the incredible trips the 8,10, and 12 weight that I own took me on.  I used this rod in Costa Rica, Christmas Island, Baja, Ascension Bay, Cuba (was a backup), and probably a few others. It will be missed as a product in our store.  Not many rods being discontinued make me glum... but this one strikes a cord.
The MOTIVE has always been reliable, in fact, when the Sage Salt came out we found that it broke more often than the MOTIVE and being our backup rod the MOTIVE ended up with lots of more playing time.  Essentially by nature of its reliability it became the 1st string player.  Eventually Sage replaced their premium quality rod with the "SALT HD" and it's proven to be very tough, but the MOTIVE earned our trust. When you embark on a weeklong trip of casting big flies in big wind, you need your rod to be reliable. The MOTIVE is so reliable. Reminds me of a 20 year old mare I throw hay to every morning. Love that girl.
The action is a medium fast action and anglers find it easier to cast than the ultra fast action saltwater rods it competes with.  You might lose 10' on ultimate distance performance, but I'm telling you 95% of casters won't ever know the difference and only about 5% of the time do I personally need that performance.  In Christmas Island I favored the action of the MOTIVE for GT's because its slightly more flexible action allowed me to generate short quick casts at oncoming fish. I put down my Sage ONE and used the MOTIVE exclusively (see video below). 
If budget is no issue, and you want the absolute top performing rod there are better options.  If you simply want US built Sage quality and an easy casting rod then pick up a Sage MOTIVE.  They are great rods and we're sad to see 'em go.


It’s safe to say the salt has attracted another convert. Our MOTIVE saltwater rods are constructed of time-proven Graphite IIIe technology and embody Sage’s immense experience pursuing many hard-fighting saltwater species. The MOTIVE features a unique taper design creating a powerful but smooth fast action that loads quickly to deliver heavy saltwater flies with the accuracy the sport demands. Light and responsive, you feel connected to your line for ultimate control over a full day of enjoyable casting. Your saltwater game just got saltier.

Features of the Sage MOTIVE

• Graphite IIIe technology

• Moderate-fast action

• Bluefin Blue blank color

• Blue thread wraps with Royal Blue and Black trim wraps

• Oversized ceramic stripper guides

• Oversized hard chromed snake guides and tip-top

• Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat with hook keeper

• Full-wells cork handle

• Blue Steel ballistic nylon rod tube with divided liner


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