Sage MOTIVE Saltwater Fly Rods

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  • Increased pulling and lifting power
  • Larger guide set

    Our staff was among the first to handle and cast this new rod. This is a rod that has been lacking in the Sage lineup for a long time. We host LOTS of flats fishing trips each winter and have always wanted Sage to build a saltwater specific rod in the "middle class" price range.

First off, do not buy this rod if you intend to tie a strike indicator on the end and fish for steelhead. Do buy this rod if you want to throw long straight casts and handle strong fighting fish. It bends deep for long pick up and lay down presentations on the flats and while testing we enjoyed a 15 mph wind that helped prove this rod can handle it. It did not have the raw ummph of the Sage ONE, METHOD, or Xi3 but it is a good rod and super fun to cast.

For the intermediate angler it is a great fit in their arsenal. About the Sage MOTIVE The all-new MOTIVE saltwater rods are ideal for seasoned saltwater fans looking to complement their rod arsenal, and fly fishers new to the salt who want to experience the many hard-fighting species without breaking the bank.

Constructed of time-proven materials and embodying Sages immense saltwater experience, the MOTIVE features a powerful but smooth fast action that loads quickly to deliver heavy saltwater flies with the accuracy the sport demands. Light and responsive, you feel connected to your line for ultimate control over a full day of enjoyable casting.

Yep, its safe to say the salt has attracted another convert.After casting and testing this whole new family of saltwater rods before they were released we have decided without a doubt that this is the best saltwater rod or big game rod out there for under $450!