RIO Spey VersiLeaders - 6', 10', or 12'

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RIO Spey VersiLeaders

a.k.a. "Polyleaders"

These are also referred to as "polyleaders" and are slightly different than a traditional sink tip or RIO MOW tip. They are not line weight specific (use these on any rod weight!). They are thin, light, and easy to cast and cut the wind like champ. They are a dream to fish and handle and work well on both spey and switch rods! Their best use is for lightweight or sparsely tied flies.
High tenacity nylon core leaders, coated with a super low modulus polymer mixture with different density options. RIO's Spey VersiLeaders have a strong nylon core in excess of 24 lb, are tapered for the best in performance, and are available in a range of different sinking (and floating) densities. They are a great addition to Spey lines, light Skagit heads and Scandinavian style heads, and provide the angler with a wide range of quick-change depth options.

Strength: 24lb