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Trout Spey Streamer Fly Assortment

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Red's Trout Spey Streamer Assortment


This 18 fly, hand picked, assortment is expertly chosen to be a benefit to your trout spey pursuits. We have chosen flies that are beneficial to casting and appeal to fish. These flies are mostly naturally colored, sparsely tied, lightly weighted, and feature less rabbit fur - which can be a detriment to long casts.


Trout Spey Streamer Assortment Ingredients:

Keeneys Hibernator UV Black, Keeneys Hibernator UV Olive, Kures Squirrel Micro Zonker Olive, Kures Squirrel Micro Zonker Brown, Masons Junior Bow, Masons Junior Brown, Assorted Wooly Buggers, Twin Lakes Speical, Sculpzilla Black, Sculpzilla Natural, Hale Bopp Leech Brown, Hale Bopp Leech WineFlies in this assortment will NOT perfectly match the flies in the video:

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