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Tierra del Fuego Fly Assortment // Sea Run Brown Trout


Essential Flies for Tierra del Fuego Sea Run Brown Trout

92 TDF Fly Assortment Includes:

This 92 fly assortment is the end result of numerous successful trips to Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina. Every single fly pattern in this box has been chased down and eaten by a large sea run Brown trout in Rio Grande. Any TDF guide would see this fly assortment and smile; while many of us look at it and think "Are you crazy? There's no way a 20 pound brown is into that stuff!" This fly assortment covers the nymph game including unweighted nymphs which are a "must have", the swinging game which can be very productive in the low light periods, and the skating game. You shouldn't lose a lot of big swinging flies there, so we've gone lighter in that category than the nymphs.

You will certainly lose some nymphs - due to "clumps", straightened hooks, and hot fish! Therefore, you need an ample supply of them in every flavor. On my last trip to TDF, I was light in this category and that should never happen in a trip of this magnitude! If you don't catch fish on these flies down there, then it should only be because you chose not to fish them. Have faith in those small bugs. You'll be amazed at what you find!

These flies aren't cheap, so we package this selection in a waterproof, 2 sided fly box with micro slit foam. This is a very high quality box that is perfect for all destination trips and will protect your flies from rust and water damage.

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