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Steelhead Flies for Dirty Nymph Fisherman

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Red's Steelhead Flies for Dirty Nymphers

Get down, get deep, get dirty! Embrace the dirty side of steelheading - nymphing!

You can't cast a spey rod very well with that tea cup in hand and that pinky raised can you?

These flies are like our other assortments - hand selected by guides who know Steelhead and know how to catch them. These fish hold in some of the most incredible and varied waters. I've seen fish fin lazily in the deep eddies on one river, then the next river, or even next section of river, the fish is lodged deep in the fastest current you can find. More often than not, the fish will not be in the most obvious water, as someone has probably already probed it. The fish are where you find them regardless.

One major reason to hire one of our guides to hopefully get you into fish faster and without as steep a learning curve. You will be well outfitted for success using these nymphs! We can't guarantee steelhead, BUT... we can guarantee these nymphs will put you in the game.

About this kit...

Each kit comes in a fly specific Red's logo box, heat shrink wrapped, and labeled so you know what you have and what to reorder.

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