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Small Dry Fly Assortment for Big Trophy Trout

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Red's Small Dries for Trophy Trout

As I write text for this fly box assortment, I have to laugh a bit. All of us, who will eventually have trouble seeing those blasted micro patterns. They are so effective though!

It's a good fly assortment for those times when a big fish is seen rising in that back eddy by the riprap near the railroad tracks and it seems to prefer the size 20 BWO over the size 6 stonefly you just saw float past it. A true WTF moment. What the Fish is going on here? It's sort of like having a choice between a Brussels Sprout and an ice cream cone and you choose the sprout. Diet maybe? Who knows, all that we do know is that a lot of the time, small, specialized flies often fool big, special trout. Lots of them. One trick that works especially well, in summer anyway, is a small fly after a big miss. In that inevitable moment you miss a big aggressive fish on your Chernobyl, tie in a small purple emerger and run it thru the same seam or current disturbance. More often than not, that fish can be fooled a second time. So you say you hate small dries? 

About this kit...Each kit comes in a fly specific Red's logo box, heat shrink wrapped, and labeled so you know what you have and what to reorder.

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