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Mountain Creek Fly Assortment

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Fly Assortment for Mountain River and Creek Fishing

With this package you are ready for any small stream or river and you'll save some money by purchasing it as an assortment from Red's. It includes 22 hand selected by folks that fish our local creeks a lot, and a waterproof fly box that will fit easily into a shirt pocket.With much scrutiny, these high quality dry fly patters have been carefully selected by our staff to prepare you for fishing small streams. These patterns are well assorted and proven to catch fish. At Red's, we hope that by putting these flies together we can save you time, money, and you catch a few more fish than the other guys or gals without it! At times we will make substitutions to this assortment based on what flies are hot and customer feedback.

Ingredients: CFO Ant Black, Double Post Ant, Para X Royal, Yellow Sally Larimers, Red Top Beetle, Daves Hopper, Royal Stimulator, Orange Stimulator, Meanie Bee, Parachute PMD, Red Humpy, Para X Yellow, X Hopper Poly Para Gold, CDC Green Drake, Splitwing March Brown, Parachute Adams

About this custom fly kit...

Each kit comes in a fly specific Red's logo box, heat shrink wrapped, and labeled so you know what you have and what to reorder.Mountain Creek Fly Assortment


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